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Company Approach

Company Approach

We treat the problems in Japan as assets and we would like to let the world know about this through Internet technology.
Peculiar assets in Japan:
1. Disaster recovery technologies
2. Solutions to population aging
3. Original culture such as Japanese animation
We participate in and organize different activities related to the areas above.
Through our research and activities, we also want to introduce the splendid culture of Japan to the world.
Disaster prevention and recovery support ・Providing Internet access in disaster areas
・Selling recovery goods (community construction)
・Selling disaster prevention goods
・Promoting the website ""
Solutions to population aging ・Communication systems
Photography club activies

Our photography club gathers members who are interested in photography to improve photographic skills.
We organize the following activities:
・Annual exhibition
・Participation in the exhibitions organized by the press
・Occasional photography events
・We aim to enhance our staffs' working performance through photographic accomplishment